• Pam

    "I have been wearing one of Beth's beautiful fish pendants for over 10 years and I get compliments daily!! I love the tropical colors and amazing craftmanship...easily one of my favorite pieces of jewelry EVER!"

    Medium Bonefish Pendant 
  • Hillary

    "I'm absolutely in love with Beth's jewelry! She truly has a gift! Each of her pieces are magical, vibrant and versatile and whenever I wear one of her pieces someone always remarks on it's beauty."

    Heart Pendant 
  • Kerry

    "Beth's work is amazing! I have been wearing her pendants for many years now, from the most popular Bonefish to the Christmas tree during the holiday season. There isn't a day when I don't get a compliment from someone about the unique work she does. She is an extremely talented artist!"

    Large Bonefish Pendant 
  • Tamara

    "Beth’s line of jewelry is truly unique! My best friend gave me my beautiful fish pendant years ago and I wear it often. We live in South Florida and frequent the Florida Keys. Every time I wear it I get stopped by people asking me where I got it. If your looking for a stunning piece of jewelry or a one of a kind gift this is it!"

    Large Bonefish Pendant 
  • Barbara

    "I love the Bonefish pendant so much! I've given them to many, many friends as gifts. They are magical the way they pick up the colors of whatever outfit you're wearing."

    Large Bonefish Pendant 
  • Christie

    "15 years ago my husband surprised me with Beth's stunning, hand-crafted Bonefish pendant and it has been my go-to piece ever since. I'm asked about it every time I wear it. It's my favorite piece of jewelry!"

    Large Bonefish Pendant 
  • Tammy

    Beth's unique designs are so beautiful that I want to hang them on my wall! I can wear my pendants with just about everything. She is truly an artist! I love that everyone asks where I get my jewelry and I love giving them as gifts to my family and friends.

    Fused Glass Pendant Magenta on Black 
  • Angie

    I have been wearing Beth's bonefish, as well as other designs since 2007! I buy them for myself, my family and all of my friends. Their simplicity and elegance allows me to sport them for every occasion. They seem to go with everything...the dichroic glass reflects the color of whatever I am wearing.

    Beth, thank you so much for your brilliant works of art, they are my favorite pieces of jewelry. Please don't ever stop making them!

    Large Bonefish Pendant 
  • Fran

    Beth is amazing and extremely talented with the highest quality work in all of her jewelry.

    I now have over 15 pendants in my collection and I love them all! Each pendant is unique with beautiful vibrant colors. I get multiple compliments every day and I highly recommend Beth to all my family and friends.

    XL Bonefish Pendant